Your Commitment

Most donors find the time-commitment, medications and retrieval procedure minimally intrusive and well worth the additional effort to fit appointments comfortably into their lives.

Introduce Yourself

The first step of becoming an Egg Donor is easy! Introduce yourself to us through our online Introduction Form. Allow about 10-15 minutes to complete this first step. Our Donor Admissions Coordinator will let you know if you may proceed further. If you do proceed, you will then fill out the personal history form. This takes a little longer, about 45 minutes, but it is important to the recipient to have the most information they can about you. Upon completion of the personal history form, you will receive a $25 gift card.

Communication is critical during an egg donation cycle from start to finish. Please contact a member of the egg donation team immediately if you have any questions, concerns or problems.

Your First Visit

Once we have accepted your Personal History Form, you will come to your designated CCRM office and next steps will include blood work, an ultrasound, psychological screening, and a complete physical examination. This visit will take about five hours and you may also have your first consultation with our donor nurse. She will talk to you about the process and some of the more technical and interesting aspects of egg donation. All your questions and concerns will be answered. Once these tests are successfully completed, the donor proceeds to the matching phase.

A Match is Made

Next, your profile will be reviewed by a potential recipient and be matched. Most donors are matched with their anonymous recipient within 5 minutes to two months. The actual donation process usually proceeds within the next couple months.

Medications and Ultrasound

After a match is made, you are educated about how and when to take your medications in a one hour meeting. The medications are timed to produce the best results for all your time and efforts. Again, we want you to be comfortable with your medications, so please ask questions. You can view a detailed explanation of the medications here.

About a week later, you will come in for an ultrasound to assess that you are ready to begin fertility medications. This takes about one hour.

We See You More Often

You will take your fertility medications over a period of nine to fourteen days to stimulate multiple eggs to develop. During this time, you will come in for thirty minutes every morning between 7:00 am- 9:30 am for blood work and an ultrasound.

Egg Retrieval Procedure

The retrieval of stimulated eggs requires a minor outpatient procedure performed with anesthetic and about a 3-hour stay in the surgery center followed by a day or a few days of resting at home. You will receive your compensation on the day of your retrieval.

You are Finished!

You will come in for a follow-up ultrasound after your next menstrual period to make sure everything has returned to normal. The ultrasound takes about 30 minutes.