Gratitude from Recipients

There are many reasons why women need donated eggs.

  • Some women needing donor eggs have been trying to get pregnant on their own for several years with multiple miscarriages and shattered hopes, leading to physical and emotional trauma.

  • Some other women have a genetic condition, which requires them to use donor eggs to prevent the genetic condition from passing to their biological offspring.

  • Others have had cancer earlier in their lives and the procedures to cure them have left them infertile.

  • Many women receiving donor eggs are women whose own eggs are not capable of producing a successful pregnancy. The majority of these women are over the ideal age to use their own eggs to become pregnant. We have also helped many 30-year-old women with premature menopause.

Mothers’ Stories

There are many reasons why women need donated eggs. Most women receiving donor eggs are women whose own eggs are not capable of a successful pregnancy. Although the majority of these women are over the age of 40, our program has helped many 30-year-old women with premature menopause. Many women needing donor eggs have been trying to get pregnant on their own for several years. Some women needing donor eggs have a genetic condition, which requires them to use donor eggs to prevent their children from inheriting their genetic condition. These are some of their heart-felt stories and letters…

Names have been changed to protect their anonymity. 


Dear Potential Donor:

We are currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with boy/girl twins because a wonderful woman donated her eggs to us. We tried for many years to get pregnant and found out that my eggs were not the quality we needed. We feel very blessed to know that someone was generous enough to go through the procedure to help us out.

I did start with the procedure that you would go through before we realized that my eggs were not going to work. I do know a bit about all the tests, drugs, and emotions that you would go through. But I do know that what our donor has done for us can never be matched. She has given us the opportunity to have a family, something that my husband and I have always dreamed about. The twins will be our first children and probably only, so we feel very lucky that she so unselfishly gave of herself.

One great thing that I would like to point out is the staff at Dr. Schoolcraft’s office. They are the most caring, supportive, and professional people I have ever met in the medical profession. I do not see them anymore since I am now seeing a perinatologist, but I feel that they are now family and call them regularly with updates on how I am doing. I am sure that the experience will be a great one for you.

In conclusion, we would like to tell you that what you can do for an infertile couple is one of the most unselfish and rewarding things anyone could do for someone. We know our donor’s birthday and will always celebrate it in our own way to thank her. She is always in our thoughts and prayers and I am sure once the babies are born, she will be in our thoughts even more because of the miracle that she helped us to achieve.

Good luck with your decision.


As we write this letter, next to our computer is a picture of our beautiful, 11-week-old boys. Five years ago, our hearts made a wish and after many attempts with various clinics month after month, to fulfill it (drugs, procedures, surgeries, disappointment after disappointment) our dream was fulfilled with the help of your clinic during our first attempt. Not a day goes by that we do not remember the gift we have been given by that special someone and the quality care we received from your clinic and medical staff.

Below, I have copied the anonymous letter we wrote to our donor just prior to starting her meds and cycle.

This note is written to express our gratitude to you and to somehow tell you how much we both admire and respect you for what you are doing for us. We know that a note just does not do justice to the gift you are giving us.

We know there may be days in the few weeks ahead that you might feel frustrated and perhaps others when you may not feel well. You may even wonder then, “is this really worth it”? We want you to know that we know, first hand how you might feel on those days. But, we also want you to know that you will be in our thoughts in each and every one of those days in particular. And, we only wish we could remind you on those days how much your heartfelt gift means to us. We never could have come this far without you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you are doing to help us fulfill our dream.

Tammy and John

Anonymous note/reply from our donor.

Hello to both of you, I wanted to give you this card to thank you for your support and let you know how things are going. I am truly happy to be doing this for you and I feel positive about the process and this experience. It is nice to know you are thinking about me and sending me good wishes. Everything has gone very well so far and I think the retrieval will be happening very soon. I think about you and send you the best of my thoughts and wishes also. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that you would have a child as the result of this procedure. Take care and God bless.

Tammy and John

To the woman who helped make our most special dream possible:

We thank our heavenly father daily for your donation. Also, for your efforts, dedication, and cooperation. You helped make our miracle come true. We now have a wonderful daughter, who has brought tremendous joy into our lives. We love her so dearly. Nothing compares to the love we feel toward her. We are so very blessed!

You made an enormous difference in our lives and we will be forever grateful.

God Bless.


Dear Donor,

Our story is similar to other couples who wanted so desperately to have a baby. We wanted children to raise, and to watch a bundle of life grow and develop through each stage into a beautiful child. It means so much to be able to share my life with a baby, listening to his gurgles and coos, singing to him/her at night and pacify him in time of need. I am truly touched to have had the opportunity to have given my dear husband a baby genetically linked to him. It means more to me than anything I could have ever truly accomplished in life. I’ll always have a career but having a baby is miraculous.

After 9 years of infertility we had a baby. Seven of those years we just existed trying time after time enduring IVF treatments. We had miscarriages along the way which was even more agonizing. When the donor egg program was presented to us as an option, we couldn’t bear to go that route and were truly heartbroken. Four years later we realized that donors are not only people like us but they are truly a gift from heaven above. It’s almost like God opened heaven and released angels to help us have babies. I wanted to give up because I felt the open wound was too large to heal at this point. I wasn’t sure I could love a baby that wasn’t mine. As this baby grew inside of me and our eyes met at birth, it was love at first sight. I still couldn’t believe we were actually having a baby. I loved it from that moment on and my love for this baby only grows stronger with the passage of time. I believe that infertile couples will love their babies so much because it is probably the hardest process to endure in their lifetime and for better or worse they endured till the end. Sometimes I ask myself if I could have ever donated my own eggs. Now after realizing how it changed our lives, I would donate.

Donating your very own eggs is truly a blessing that touches our lives deeply and actually lifted the depression that we have lived with for so long. Our life has changed tremendously and it’s all because of wonderful, beautiful women that gave the best gift anyone could ever give, the gift of life. I look into this baby’s eyes every day and see a new life growing because of what a precious gift our donor gave us. She stated to me how good it made her feel to have done something in life that really made a difference. She also stated to me, “This she said, is what life is really all about”, and there is no doubt in my mind that she is correct and that nothing else in this universe could compare.

With many respects to all you dear donors. You’ve made our dreams come true.

May God bless and always be with you,


As I sit here composing this letter, I glance at my and one month old son detecting an odor of dirty pants and his wide smile, I think about my 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in months. He is half of a beautiful “set” of children which my husband and I conceived via egg donor procedure.

We had tried for 5 years to become pregnant, tubal reversal, numerous fertility drugs and finally an in-vitro procedure with my own eggs, in which we were told, were “too old.”

Deciding on egg donation was a big step for us, but one we took with much consideration and love. We wanted so badly to become parents and share what we felt was many years of growing up in big families and loving the sibling rivalry that we all shared.

I had already given birth to two children, by my first marriage and my present husband had never had children. His caring and love for them as we raised them through some difficult years was just one of the reasons I agreed to go along with having more children.

We were very surprised and elated when we discovered that we were going to have twins. Our feeling was that each would have a sibling to be raised along side of to share and explore the world with. Then the news that there was one of each sex further added to our elation. What more could a couple ask for?

After an uneventful pregnancy and some minor difficulties with delivery, we were blessed with these two little lives who are perfect to us in every way. There are not enough words in the world to express our gratefulness and gratitude to the woman who donated her eggs for us. At the time of choosing a donor, I recall reading the bio. I will always remember that a tear came to my eye as I was reading her reasons for wanting to donate eggs. She herself had children and loved and appreciated it so much, she wanted someone else to experience her joy. I, myself had given birth to two healthy children in my early years and had also already experienced it, however, I believe I was so young at the time I did not truly appreciate what children bring to your lives. I also felt a real closeness with the donor as I read about her life and her childhood, which in turn brought more tears to my eyes.

Once again, I cannot say how much my husband and I appreciate the woman who donated her eggs for us and how much we have loved every minute thus far being parents, even with the dirty diapers and the feedings at 3 AM, and look forward to what the future brings to our family.